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Supply chain and outsourcing development trend in the electronics industry

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Recently in Monterrey, Mexico held technical forecast quarterly forum ", forecast technology consultant is and electronics industry supply chain and the need for outsourcing the broad theme, showing the a new study.
This paper covers the first and second parts, the third part will be reported in the next.<br>
Part 1: the adoption of the electronic supply chain for lean principle
The second part: the outsourcing trend of small and medium OEM<br>
The third part: supply chain software trend of OEM and EMS suppliers
Lean implementation trend<br>
This unprecedented survey reveals that the electronics industry has made a major and uneven progress in the application of lean principles.. In the implementation of lean principle, contract manufacturers and<br> electronic OEM in a leadership position, while electronic distributors and component manufacturers are relatively backward. In addition, the investigation also found a strong association between the use of lean and financial performance.<br>
In the 250 electronic manufacturing executives surveyed, a total of 75% of the managers said their company in the implementation of lean principle. (see chart) of which about 1/3 of the respondents said the principle of widespread implementation. Their most concerned areas are the use of lean principle to improve efficiency and process, eliminate waste, reduce production costs and improve plant logistics.<br>
"Lean" contains ideas, tools, and business processes to improve the broad content of technology. It originated in the automotive field of mass production, especially Toshiba's "production system", but these principles can be applied to almost all the business processes of the industry.<br>
No surprise, the company has a certain production basis in the most advanced use of lean principle. EMS suppliers of the rate ahead, they accounted for about 15% of the sample survey. The ranking is followed by the electronic product OEM, accounting for 32%. Compared with the other portion of the supply chain, OEM and EMS in the principle of "lean" company the most, and the senior corporate ("advance" adoption and widespread use of the principle of "lean" company) concentration is the highest. The possibility of extensive lean experience for distributors and component manufacturers is minimal.<br>
Why the entire supply chain has a major divergence in the adoption of the lean principle? Part of the reason is the different function of various companies. Many OEM and EMS suppliers import lean principle in the factory workshop, and expand the application scope of this principle.. Distributors naturally do not produce any products. Their main function is to transport some of the inventory that is considered a violation of the lean principle.. Of course, this does not mean that the lean principle can be used to improve all process performance including inventory management.<br>
The reason why the component manufacturers seldom adopt the lean principle is hard to explain because many of the companies themselves are manufacturers.. Perhaps because the start of lean principle tends to lead to commercial crisis or financial crisis. At the start of the ten years, many contract manufacturers are faced with the crisis of the electronics industry into a serious recession. On the other hand, the component manufacturer has not been much hit, the profit they get generally far exceed EMS company.<br>
Although "lean" is still primarily a "manufacturing" phenomenon, the survey found, the company is beginning to the implementation of "lean" practice in the whole supply chain, and in collaboration with customers and suppliers, a common implementation of the "lean" principle. Over 50% of respondents said they are using lean principle in process chain process. However, when asked about the status of the implementation of the, the result is not too optimistic, perhaps because most companies in the implementation of the "lean" principle is still in the initial stage, the execution time of not more than three years. In general, the time from executing lean principle takes three to five years.. Many of the companies want to save only a matter of time.<br>
A major finding of the investigation is that there is a positive association between implementation of lean and financial performance. In fact, the company (3/4) of the advanced implementation of lean principle accounted for more than 5% of total net profit, while the proportion of the company did not adopt the principle of this principle is 28%. Among the companies with a net profit of less than 1%, the company has the highest proportion of "lean" principle..<br>
In the case of the same conditions, the result of the exclusion of waste can often cut costs, thereby improving profit margins, therefore, the above conclusion is not surprising. According to the survey, 63% of respondents announced the implementation of lean principle to reduce the total cost of. Announced the most common cost reduction between 5% to 10%.<br>
Small and medium OEM outsourcing trends<br>
Reports of manufacturing and design outsourcing are typically focused on top electronics companies such as apple, CISCO and HP. But it's not just the companies that have the contact with the contract manufacturer.. Small and medium enterprises, especially high growth enterprises will use contract manufacturers (not just for the purpose of production), which makes outsourcing pace continues to accelerate.<br>
These companies are highly outsourced. Overall, the annual sales of thousands of electronic OEM production value of approximately $140000000000, about $1000000000, the total global electronic market about 13%. About half of the company operates computer and consumer parts of the market, and the rest are distributed in communications, medical, business, industrial and air / defence equipment.<br>
Many of the qualifications of the company is relatively shallow, the initial business did not intend to start the plant. Instead, the focus is on design and development, and to the contract manufacturer for prototype manufacturing and production.<br>
The findings of the technology company's survey contain a lot of attention from the company.:<br>
- printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) outsourcing is common in the rapid development of small electronic OEM; however, many companies also outsource part of the product design;<br>
- cost, quality and intellectual property protection are the major challenges for small OEM outsourcing;<br>
- cost reduction, flexibility and reduction of the period of time are three major reasons for these companies to seek outsourcing;
- China and Southeast Asia are the major areas of expansion that are mentioned in these small companies..<br>
According to the technology forecast company, the rapid development of small PCB OEM assembly outsourcing has reached saturation. At present, the company's degree of outsourcing of the PCB assembly is more than 90%. The reason is that the internal production of the printed circuit board does not comply with the requirements of its business model.<br>
Although the PCB assembly in the outsourcing trend of the monopoly, but other contract service is still a development opportunity. According to the survey sample, at present, the sub assembly and the final assembly degree of outsourcing in 35% or so. Small OEM is using the logistics service to send the finished product to the customer or distribution center, and the service is 21%.<br>
Scientific and Technological Forecasting companies have asked these OEM about the greatest challenge to the electronics outsourcing in their minds. Cost management is the most important issue facing OEM, followed by quality issues. As expected, the risk of intellectual property protection is the rapid development of small and medium companies in the process of seeking outsourcing a major problem.<br>
The number of companies outsourcing design enthusiasm is unexpected, or about 15% of the design activities to implement the outsourcing. In some cases, the design outsourcing is considered as a short-term strategy; the internal design team has no conditions to deal with a lot of design work. The outsourcing design makes it more flexible to develop the enterprise. However, many of the OEM access to technology forecasting companies noted that with the continued addition of internal resources, its plan to reduce the amount of design outsourcing.<br>
"We regard product design as one of our core functions and we hope that more product design can be accomplished internally," said OEM, a consumer.."<br>
Over the past ten years, the development trend of large-scale OEM is, will manufacturing shift to low-cost areas, and focus China. Now, due to the reduction in cost and the development of new markets, small OEM is gradually seeking for its production center for low-cost manufacturing.
For example, the huge economic growth in India and China has made the consumer spending soar in these regions. In order to meet these untapped market needs, small companies must develop strategies to serve these growing markets.. These strategies generally include the operation of production and distribution to these markets..<br>
When we asked the company to consider where the future when outsourcing, they mention the most is China and Southeast Asia. Although all the headquarters of the company were visited in the United States or in Western Europe, but they have a special liking for outsourcing to Asia. Even those currently serving the US market and using only one domestic supply base also say that they cannot ignore today's global markets..

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